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Excellent customer service!!! Renovation Pros were prompt and efficient. The quality of work is amazing. The interior of my mother’s home was damaged from a leak in the roof. I’m happy to say that Renovation Pros replaced the flooring, drywall and painted the damaged area of my mom’s home. The home looks like new. Every employee who entered my mom’s home was very respectful and efficient. I highly recommend Renovation Pros.

~ Sonya G., Cathedral City, CA

So I found myself in the situation where I had flooding under my dishwasher and ended up with two checks from my insurance company to get everything fixed. Now I almost just went with the company who was contracted with my insurance but I am so glad I did not because it brought me to Greg and RenovationPros. I did some research and picked him from yelp and google reviews because I wanted someone local. So I had an estimate of what the insurance decided needed to be done from new cabinets to painting and new countertops. But that was pretty much it. However, I also wanted to get a new dishwasher out of this reno and so I proposed a couple of changes to Greg when he came over for his estimate. I not just wanted a dishwasher I also wanted to totally reconfigure my kitchen and take my counter and turn it into an island. To be able to do that my fridge had to be moved and water lines had to be installed on the opposite side of the kitchen. I also needed tile filled in where the old counter had been and the walls had to be stuccoed where there was none. I told him how much I had and asked if he could do all those things I wanted for my flat price. He measured and looked at everything and said he could get it done. At that point I cancelled the other company and went with RenovationPros. Now to make this long story a bit shorter, I got everything I had asked for and more…
I was a bit worried that during the time of my reno he would try to cut corners and go cheap on me because he had a flat fee. Not ever so! I am not an easy client and I probably drove him crazy with all my wishes and requests but he stuck with his very polite can do attitude and the end result is beyond amazing and speaks for itself. I had the mold and dry out people come first to demolish everything and start the dry out. Then the cabinet guy came and build all new cabinets and the island. Then they drywalled everything new and the painter came. The painter had to work with my existing cabinets doors and I was the one who had painted them previously without any prepping. It was a nightmare to get the paint to stick and I was again worried they would just tell me that’s as good as it gets … but no – they went above and beyond to insure all was painted and would stay painted! Jose the painter is amazing! he is so detailed and into quality that I had to tell him to stop at times and just let it be because it was enough for me and you just could not do it any better.
I also had asked Greg for black not too shiny countertops and he went everywhere trying to find me the right fit. I got exactly what I had in mind and I can’t be more happy with my black silk quartz. When it was time to pick the backsplash he send me to Arizona tile which also impressed me because again I thought he would short change me. I walked right into the store and found my dream tile and he ordered it and it was installed by the best all around handyman I have ever seen. He was outstanding ! Brady was Going the extra mile to insure it was up to his standards and they were super high. There was no work spared and I know I did a lot of supervising and overseeing which not everyone might do but it was worth every extra week this took. Every time I had a concern or greg came and looked at the progress he was the one who came up with the thorough steps to handle whatever it was and never ever did I hear him say I am sorry but that’s not included or is not necessary it’s fine as it is the way it is. It did take a while but all is done and the results speak for themselves. Btw not only did I get a dishwasher out of this but also a cooktop, new range hood, farmhouse sink and a kitchen faucet. I am a savvy shopper so with the $ I had and the $ I paid Greg I was able to afford all those extras. I can not get enough of my new kitchen and I can not be more happy that I found RenovationPros.
So my tip to everyone is don’t just hand over your $ and have redone what needs to be done, be creative and savvy and get your dream before and after.
Thanks Greg !!!
And Jose and Brady !!
and Steve and Mark, chuck and Mitch !

~ Danny W., Murrieta, CA

Consider yourself very lucky and fortunate if you select RenPro’s to do the work. I had a roof leak after the last heavy rains at the end of February. 18′ high ceiling in the living room. Greg and Pogo were absolutely GREAT with their communication and follow up. I am very pleased with the work they did. The personnel they sent worked very well together as a team, drywall personnel and their painter did an exceptional job. I wouldn’t hesitate having them come into my house to do work again (heaven forbid) But if needed, they would be my choice. THANK YOU Greg and Pogo!!

~ Darryl D., Escondido, CA

I’ve never had an insurance claim but had 2 huge pine trees and uproot and crash on my house and my neighbors all while I was in Miami.
I was shocked and scared from all the horrors I had heard of from insurance companies and contractors taking advantage of the situation.
I called Farmers, they were pretty responsive but indicated I needed to find my own contractors due to the size; $35,000 and they didn’t as a policy recommend suppliers. GULP!!! as I have no knowledge of any construction principles and was now at the mercy of a not to friendly a situation similar to being adrift in a sea of sharks..

I tried again to have Farmers suggest a vendor and the Law of Attraction did its thing and all of a sudden the skies parted and there was Greg Amoroso and his team of true professionals from Renovation Pros. The name says it all. They told me exactly what they would do, how much Farmers had agreed to pay and accepted that as payment in full and proceeded to work at a level of detail and quality that exceeded my wildest expectations.

Great communication, quality work done on time and great, friendly guys. Impossible to over endorse and if anyone’s in need of renovation services you only need to call Greg…

~ Jim P., Quail Valley, CA

Renovation Pros did an amazing job on our house!! First we had a toilet that flooded and did a lot of damage to our downstairs. We had walls cut out and floors taken out. Renovation Pros did all the work putting our house back together quickly and efficiently. From rebuilding our kitchen cabinets, totally redoing the bathroom, and repairing and painting all the walls. It looks better than it did before. They did such a great job that we hired them to do a second floor room addition. The job went very quickly and very professional. It looks amazing! And they are also very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend Renovation Pros Restoration Services for any type of home renovation or repair. We are very pleased with the outcome.

~ Ariana L., San Marcos, CA

Renovation Pros repaired some water damage at my mom’s house. They did an excellent job repairing the flooring and walls. We are very happy with the results. They really went the extra mile to insure my Mom was satisfied and were very professional. I highly recommend them!

~ John F., San Diego, CA

I had a major hot water slab leak about 10 days before Thanksgiving and my entire downstairs had to have all the flooring pulled out, new cabinet and countertop in kitchen, drywall, baseboards, and paint! It was a disaster right before the Holidays! I was referred to Renovation Pros and Greg Amoroso came out within a day and totally eased my mind! He has complete knowledge of how the process of working with your Insurance company is and was very helpful in that area as well. He explained exactly what work would be done and because we were heading into the holidays and my two kids would be home from college he got started on the project within a couple of days! A true Christmas miracle came when they completed about 95% of the project 3 days before Christmas! The Renovation Pros crew were great! I was completely comfortable having them in my home and they went above and beyond to get my home back to normal. It went from a completely overwhelming process to a really great experience! Greg came by the house everyday to check on the work and to help me with any questions or concerns I may have had. This is an HONEST and PROFESSIONAL company that I would recommend to everyone I know and would not hesitate to hire again. Thank you Greg Amoroso and Renovation Pros!

~ Jennifer M., Murrieta, CA

(Renovation Pros) are a very professional company. I had a situation in which my rental property was experiencing some water damage in the corner of a closet. I asked them if they could have someone out there that day. They had a crew of workers at my rental property within 2 hours after my phone call to them; and on a Friday!!! They located the source of leakage and then treated the area. This was a huge relief to my tenants and myself. If you know someone who experiencing water damage or mold issues please call Renovation Pros. I highly recommend them.

~ Kevin H., Temecula, CA

My wife and I are pregnant with our first child and just purchased a bunch of new furniture for our house. It is emitting a strong smell of lacker or varnish that has been making us very nervous. I called Greg to see if they do any sort of air purification procedures. He was extremely helpful in giving me advice and helping me navigate my situation. He didn’t try to sell me into anything I didn’t need. Thanks Greg!

~ Brian T., Temecula, CA

We had a huge leak from upstairs and had to do a complete kitchen remodel. Renovation pros came to the rescue QUICKLY and walked us through the entire process. All of their contractors did excellent work and were very nice and professional. They always went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied with everything. I especially appreciate how they helped facilitate everything. I love my new kitchen. Thank you Renovation Pros!! A special thank you to Pogo!!!

~ T B., Temecula, CA

Was so happy with this company. Very professional as well as knowledgeable and honest and friendly. Would most definately use this company again and will recommend them!

~ Debbi S., Yucaipa, CA

I had a leak in ice maker water line had to have kitchen and dinning room redone,new coutertops,new cabinets,drywall painting,etc,renovation pros did all work,greg was a great help always there to answer questions,had 3 of the best workers do all my work,i would highly recommend them to anybody who need great work done on there home,i would call them again if i need more work done,i give them 5 stars

~ Linda B., Wildomar, CA

I would recommend Renovation Pros as a “do all” one stop company, who is capable of taking care of the entire water loss event. Too many times I have heard others advise of their frustration while dealing with too many contractors during a single loss. Greg Amoroso, owner of Renovation Pros, effectively managed all aspects of the rebuild to include; tear out, drying, drywall, flooring, cabinetry, lighting, painting and plumbing. What a relief to know we only needed to speak with one person who would then make sure all our needs and concerns where met! Thank you Renovation Pros!!

~ Paul Merrill

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