Rebuild & Reconstruction Services

Renovation Pros is the premier construction and restoration company in Southern California. Residents and businesses must keep their name and number on file, and three reasons make them superior to the competition.
• Experienced Teams
• Expert Customer Service
• Direct Insurance Payment Option

The licensed, certified, and qualified contractors at Renovation Pros understand structural construction. Fire damage, water damage, smoke damage, and general construction: assembled teams divide by specialty; a supervisor with design and contractor teams supplements each category. Customers can expect a consultation and a detailed outline of the steps necessary to restore a home or business back to its original condition. The consultation and outline equally work for construction built from scratch. Simply call 858-603-9871 to get started.
kitchen rebuild
Our customer service representatives ask callers for detailed information so our designers and contractors get a general idea about the structural construction dilemma. We take this information to designers and contractors. Then, they retrieve on-site analysis when they visit the residence or business in person. Communication is paramount to our success, and we work closely with you from start to finish. Therefore, contractors offer a timeline to customers (in addition to a detailed outline) and communicate with them about the progress. If delays occur, customers will receive a notification. In addition, we offer finish-out and remodeling services. Did we mention the inspection, estimate, and consultations are FREE for residents AND companies?

If the word ‘free’ isn’t pushing you to the phone lines, maybe ‘insurance’ will. It’s difficult to pay for structural construction problems in cash, check, or credit card. Lenders have tight restrictions on loans, so it’s difficult to obtain one. Luckily, Renovation Pros accept most home and business insurance providers so customers won’t have to borrow. Convenience is the word and billing your insurance is as convenient as it gets.

We expect our residents and businesses to return to normal. From our experienced teams down to our customer service and billing departments, we are prompt. The teams do the assigned job in an efficient manner with quality results. The customer service department will address questions and concerns about the project because they are always there to assist. Finally, the billing department bills the insurance directly so you don’t have to.

Renovation Pros is the premier construction and restoration company, and now you know why. Call 858-603-9871 to get started.

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