Insurance Claims

We Take Most Insurances and Make It Easy for You
Many people buy property insurance that deals with mold, water and flooding. Insurance is a smart and responsible way to ensure protection of your finances when things go wrong. Still, it may be a surprise to find out that some insurance companies do not cover every kind of damage you may think it does. Your policy’s fine print should provide clarification about which services are covered, which are denied and under what circumstances. For example, even if flood insurance claims are denied under a particular policy, it still may be able to provide some relief from expenses due to pipes that have frozen or leaked. Every state has its own particular and varied guidelines.

Having a restoration event is stressful. When it is time to get in touch with the person who handles your insurance, make sure you call Renovation Pros first. We are able to work through claims with your insurance company and save our customer’s the hassle of phone calls and stress. Whether your insurer is processing a damage claim or construction and restoration work is needed, we can work directly with your insurer to get results.

You can count on Renovation Pros. With almost 40 years in the business of dealing with water and mold damage, we are a trusted partner with our customers who have worked with us and found dependable, solid and consistent work.

Renovation Pros has full licensing in Texas and we are IIRC-certified. Our company has worked successfully with the insurance industry to comply with regulations and our work is usually approved under our customers’ private insurance companies. We work with a very wide array of insurance groups, so please check with us and we can tell you if your insurance company is a partner. Once we know, and when we begin at your site, we continue to work hand-in-hand with the insurance company to make sure of coverage.

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Our workers and technicians are available around-the-clock, every day, to go to your site. Please call us and a professional will let you know which services your insurance company will approve. We are available to talk with you right away at 858-603-9871.

What Your Insurance Company Needs From You

If it is your own property, make sure you maintain and protect your home or building by noticing any leaks or mold that need your attention. Big or complex restoration projects can be avoided by maintaining pipes in good order and taking care to repair a leak before it becomes a big problem.

When sudden bursts or flooding occur, it is time to call us for help. Our team is able to respond quickly to minimize damage, begin repairs and help diminish the overall impact, financial and otherwise, of the event.

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