Content & Storage Services

When water damage or fire damage occurs on your property, you want to make sure that your belongings and items are safe and secure. No matter the extent of the damage, there are all types of hidden risks that you may need to watch out for once you have guaranteed the safety of you and your family.

Our specialists make sure to provide our clients with a comprehensive series of item-based restoration and protection services. We perform a careful safety inspection and general assessment, and then we focus on getting your items back to you. The extent of the fire damage or water damage usually dictates how we approach the issue, but you can put your worries at ease when we are on site.

If you were exposed to a disaster on your property, you may need to relocate to make sure that your property’s needs can be taken care of safely and efficiently. Your undamaged belongings will be itemized and photographed in order to carefully document any potential signs of damage. If there are damaged items in the area, we make sure to deal with them as appropriate, drying and checking them or disposing of them if the damage is too great.

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