Fast 24 Hour Emergency Services

You don’t always get a warning when flooding or other water emergencies are about to occur. Sometimes you will wake up to your entire basement completely flooded or your upstairs bathroom leaking into your kitchen. These types of emergencies require 24 hours of service and that is what we offer. We are available to you any time of the day, 7 days a week, and we are open on all holidays. You can expect an immediate response from us so that you will have one less thing to worry about.

Responding Quickly to Minimize Damage

To ensure that no further damage is done, it is very important to fix water damage right away. Thus, you can expect the 19 years of experience that Renovation Pros has will never let you down. In getting to your emergency right away, we will minimize the damage and thus, lower the cost of repairs. Water can seep through very quickly and damage a great deal of furniture, walls, floors, and electrical outlets. Our team will begin working as soon as they arrive on your property to minimize the water damage.

Fast 24/7 service

At Renovation Pros Restoration Services, we will attend to your well help problem even at 2 am. The best part is that we offer fast 24/7 service; our technician will be at your door within an hour after you call us even on public holidays or weekends.

Insurance Trusted

We know you are dealing with enough already. Therefore, we work directly with insurance providers to offer insurance assistance to our clients. Our insurance assistance services ensure that your homeowners claim processed quickly.

This is the process that occurs when water damage starts:

Within the first few minutes:
● The water seeps into everything possible and soaks whatever is in the way
● Furniture, walls and floors start absorbing the water
● Wood and other finishes might ooze, which will cause lasting staining on floors and carpets.

The first hour to 24 hours:
● Furniture begins to swell from the water and starts falling apart
● Inks and dyes from clothing and other products will start staining whatever is nearby
● Drywall starts to breakdown from all the water absorption
● Metal products around the property start to tarnish

The next 48 Hours to 1 Week:
● The paint starts to peel
● Furniture starts showing signs of mold and begins to warp
● Metal furniture and appliances begin to rust and rot
● Windows, studs, and doors swell and warp.
● Mold and mildew may start growing and spreading throughout the property

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